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Healing the Deeper Meridian Systems

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Shin So Shiatsu or “deeper level” shiatsu was developed by Tetsuro Saito, highly regarded as the “father of shiatsu” in Canada. Shin So Shiatsu is a natural evolution of Zen-style or meridian-based shiatsu, pioneered by Saito’s teacher and mentor Shizuto Masunaga in the 1960s. These approaches derive their success from effecting changes along the body’s energetic pathways.

Shin So Shiatsu breaks new ground by going beyond the 12 Regular Meridians most meridian-based shiatsu styles focus on, to address the less-known but vitally important Extra, Divergent, Ocean, and Cosmic meridian systems. Shin So Shiatsu also incorporates an expanded view of the Regular Meridians themselves, a view that is found in the ancient classics, and provides a better framework for effective and enduring treatments.

Tetsuro Saito has found a method that enables ordinary practitioners to sense and precisely trace and diagnose each of the meridian systems. This method also allows them to locate structural imbalances and injuries, and to identify other energetic phenomena that indicate imbalance in the body. Beginning students immediately experience an enhanced ability to tune into energy.


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