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Zita Sieber


Since childhood Zita Sieber has wanted to look after people. During her training and her first experiences as a nurse, she realised that her dream wouldn’t come true just attending the University of Medicine. In the last year of high school, while she was attending the School of Japanese Studies, she started the professional training of shiatsu. Immediately she got carried away by the shiatsu practice and soon it became her main profession. Thanks to this job she has been able to take care of many clients for over thirty years.

After her diploma at The Ohashi Institute, in the 1980s she attended the courses by Esther and Heinz Münger about the Moore-Healing Method; in the 90s she followed regularly the workshops of Quantum Shiatsu with Pauline Sasaki and of Seiki with Akinobu Kishi. In addition she took part in Multidimensional Shiatsu Courses with Brigitte Ladwig.

Since 1990 she has taught shiatsu and energetic disciplines at the Sport Academic Association (ASVZ-ETH) of Zurich and in other shiatsu schools in Switzerland and abroad.

She met Tetsuro Saito in 2000 at the Shiatsu-Symposium of Berlin and was fascinated by his humility and integrity, thinking: “Now, this is a Teacher!”. The new information received during the symposium caused mixed feelings, especially in relation to the previous knowledge she had acquired in many years of shiatsu practice. Nevertheless, she decided to invite him to Zurich to conduct a workshop. In this first two-day course, Tetsuro Saito could only provide a little taste of his teachings to the thirty six participants. Thanks to the meetings of the next days, she realised there was no other way but to follow the courses with Tetsuro Saito, because she felt that his teachings of techniques and knowledge were extremely important and represented the “real” future of shiatsu. Since that day forward, she has continued to follow and organize Shin So Shiatsu courses in Switzerland with great enthusiasm, soon becoming assistant of Tetsuro Saito and then a Shin So Shiatsu teacher herself in various centres in Switzerland and Europe.

Other then the shiatsu training, since 1989 she has followed up her studies attending courses and workshops on different disciplines, for example: Medial- and Time Therapie with Manuel Schoch, Trauma Therapie und beziehungsorientierte Psychotherapie with Thomas Weil, Art Thérapíe with Marie Perret, ‘Clearing’ with Eric Dowsett, Movement Medicine with Susannah Darling Khan, Lightgrids Trainings with Damien Wynne and Sound Therapy with Peter Goldmann.

Thanks to her various experiences and the numerous challenges she has faced in her own life, she has better learned to hear with her heart and to pay more attention to the authentic and the essential. In this way she has been able to recognize even more the perfect integrity in every human being, wishing that each one of us could become more aware.

She lives in Zurich, has a fantastic daughter and loves dancing.