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Shin So Shiatsu
Healing the Deeper Meridian Systems


Shin So Shiatsu Healing the Deeper Meridian Systems.

Shin So Shiatsu or “deeper level” shiatsu was developed by Tetsuro Saito, highly regarded as the "father of shiatsu" in Canada. Shin So Shiatsu is a natural evolution of Zen-style or meridian-based shiatsu, pioneered by Saito’s teacher and mentor Shizuto Masunaga in the 1960s. These approaches derive their success from effecting changes along the body’s energetic pathways.


Beyond Zen Shiatsu

Shin So Shiatsu breaks new ground by going beyond the 12 Regular Meridians most meridian-based shiatsu styles focus on, to address the less-known but vitally important Extra, Divergent, Ocean, and Cosmic meridian systems. Shin So Shiatsu also incorporates an expanded view of the Regular Meridians themselves, a view that is found in the ancient classics, and provides a better framework for effective and enduring treatments.


Sensing Meridian Pathways and Structural Imbalances

Tetsuro Saito has found a method that enables ordinary practitioners to sense and precisely trace and diagnose each of the meridian systems. This method also allows them to locate structural imbalances and injuries, and to identify other energetic phenomena that indicate imbalance in the body. Beginning students immediately experience an enhanced ability to tune into energy (link to Benefits of Learning Shin So Shiatsu).


Shin So Treatment Methods

Once a Shin So practitioner has mapped out a patient’s energetic and structural imbalances, they can select one of several treatment protocols developed by Tetsuro Saito, or incorporate their own treatment approaches. Shin So Shiatsu treatment methods include shiatsu (“finger pressure”) therapy, yaki hari, and the use of diodes and ion-pumping cords. The Shin So system also provides a method of confirming whether or not the treatment, once completed, has been effective.


The Key to Shin So Shiatsu

The key to “sensing” meridian locations and energetic and structural imbalances is the Finger Test Method. This simple technique for sensing energy in the human body was developed in the early 1980s by the renowned Japanese acupuncturist Dr. Tadashi Irie. Saito discovered Dr. Irie’s method in the course of his own quest to resolve unanswered questions about Shizuto Masunaga’s Zen Shiatsu system.


A Method for all Practitioners of Energy Medicine

The central components of Shin So Shiatsu can be integrated into any shiatsu style, as well as acupuncture and other forms of therapy. Shin So Shiatsu can also be integrated into our daily lives: we can use the Finger Test Method to test food and supplements, to identify sources of electromagnetic disturbances, and to monitor and maintain our own meridian systems on a daily basis.