Dates for the post graduate workshops with Tetsuro Ted Saito and Zita Sieber

Content of Post-Graduate Education and Continuing Training with Tetsuro Saito and Zita Sieber

Shi So Shiatsu is going from strength to strength, and we have created three modules. These modules address the subject using a succinct, topic-based approach.

The basic module serves as a pre-requisite for the advanced modules, which can be freely chosen. Every module lasts 4 days.

Basic module
6th to 9th of December 2012;

7th to 10th of November 2013

”The Art of Diagnosis“

We learn a wonderful diagnostic technique, which forms a clear basis for holistic, effective treatment.

  • An insight into the connections between the various meridian systems
  • Familiarising yourself with the finger test method and "sound imaging" techniques
  • Sensing the meridian lines and diagnostic zones, and marking them on the body
  • Hara and back diagnosis
  • Kyo–Jitsu; the deeper meaning and various treatment options
  • Neck and shoulder treatment with “Masterpoints“
  • Working with Yu points
  • Neutralising of Ja-Ki (Rei–Sho treatment)

“Structural Work” Advanced module
21th to 24th of March 2013

Many of our clients come to us with specific problems and want to be taken seriously.  If the problems are of a structural nature, we can deal with them in a targeted, efficient manner via the special meridian approach.

  • Special meridian systems according to the TCM basic cards and Shin So Shiatsu (completed cards)
  • Diagnosis and various treatment methods
  • Yaki-Hari method, diagnosis and practice
  • Treatment with diodes
  • Treatment with the Manaka cable (ion pump cable)

“Organ level” Advanced module
October 2013

Far Eastern medicine with its treatment strategies always targets strengthening the organs.
When the organs are strong and healthy, a person feels well .

It’s no coincidence that the meridians are named after organs.  When we investigate the cause of a symptom, we mostly turn to the organ level.  By treating at organ level, we are working at the roots and can thus generate positive, lasting changes.

  • The organ-connecting meridians
  • Resolving Ki stagnation in the meridians
  • Resolving Ki stagnation via Bo and Yu points
  • Hand diagnosis and organ treatment

Graduate Days: 20th to 21. October 2012

in Männedorf Boldern

and again 25. to 26.October 2012 in Zürich

We will be learning the latest from Ted and sharing experiences.

Duration per module: four days; 24 x 60‘ course hours

Postgraduation Education and Continuing Training (Education and Continuing Training Menu Option)

In 3 modules and individual subject days, participants will learn the art step by step, starting with the basics (Masunaga meridians) and continuing on to the deepest meridian system, diagnosis and treatment in approximately125 hours.

Participants will be given a postgraduate diploma on completion of the course.

(Leave targets, etc. as they are)


Individual subject days and advanced days: 180.00 Fr
Day for Shin So Graduates 100.00 Fr.
Graduation days with Ted: 360.00 Fr.


Subject days:

Graduation day June 2th 2012 from 10 to 17.00


Open day with Ted: 23 th of October 2012

  • Insight into further developments of the Masunaga meridian system
  • Insight into the Shin So diagnostic technique

Interpretation of diagnosis and treatment composition : new date open

  • Composition and interpretation of diagnosis
  • Treatment procedure in Shin So Shiatsu (including treatment positions)

Basic module advanced day: date open

  • The meridian lines of the completed Masunaga cards
  • Treatment of the principal meridians with the exact, Meridian opening arm and leg positions
  • Confirmation n of the Hara and back diagnosis

The Ocean Meridians 

The ocean meridian system is not contained in any of the 3 modules.  An understanding of this system and the treatment of these levels are, however, extremely beneficial and provide us with a pleasant, direct method for basically balancing energy.

  • Introduction to the ocean system
  • Treatment of the deepest meridian levels still present in the body

Cosmic energy system 

The 2 cosmic energy systems are not contained in the modules.  Treatment is indicated in states of exhaustion, following illnesses, after surgery or in chronic, serious conditions.

  • Theory of the Shin-Myaku energy system (12 internal spiral meridians) and the Tai-Kyoku energy system (2 x 12 external spiral meridians)
  • Diagnosis or treatment of these levels

The subject days are held in the Irchel Workshop

By public transport:

From the main railway station, take tram No. 10, from Bellevue Tram No. 9

By tram: take tram 9/10 as far as the "Letzistrasse" bus stop. Walk for approximately 300 metres up Letzistrasse,

After the advertisement pillar, take the small street on the left, Irchel estate: Letzistrasse 23b

(located on the former Irchel Estate, near the Irchel Residential Home)

By car: Winterthurerstrasse as far as Langensteinenstrasse. Drive up this street as far as the Irchel Nursing Home. There are parking spaces in the blue zone.

From there walk on foot to Letzistrasse. Go down the road a short distance and then turn into the Irchel Estate (3 minutes on foot). Parking space No. 16 on Letzistrasse 23a belongs to the Irchel Workshop and can be used.

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