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The Shin So Shiatsu Program 

Offered to shiatsu therapists, acupuncturists, and practitioners of other styles of energy work

Shin So Shiatsu is taught as a post-graduate program of continuing education workshops for shiatsu practitioners and acupuncturists (or when appropriate, those experienced in other forms of bodywork or energy work). Each of the three workshops is complete in itself, exploring a different dimension of the human energy system and our capacity to interact with it. Between workshops, refresher days help keep students in tune with their new practice.

Students Learn Quickly

The basic techniques of Shin So Shiatsu can be learned quickly, and as soon as students are introduced to them they are able to feel meridian energy. While learning the system, students benefit profoundly by being able to “tune in” to the energy of an experienced teacher. The teacher also helps them interpret what they are feeling on an energetic level.

In their study of the Shin So system, students will develop:

  • Their capacity to work with ki by strengthening their tandens.
  • A theoretical and practical familiarity with the meridians in each of the Regular, Extra, Divergent, Ocean, and Tai Kyoku systems.
  • A theoretical and practical familiarity with energy circles and meridian belt zones.
  • Skill in using the Finger Test Method and sound images to sense energetic and structural imbalances.
  • Skill in treating energetic and structural imbalances using shiatsu, diodes, yaki hari, and ion-pumping (I-P) cords.
  • Skill in confirming diagnoses and treatment progression.
  • Greater efficacy and effect in treatment outcomes.
  • A protocol of simple and effective self-care strategies.
  • A stronger foundation in the basic principles of shiatsu practice.

Sensing Energy: Meridian Recognition and Diagnosis

  • Overview of Shin So Shiatsu meridian theory and treatment principles
  • Introduction to the finger test method and sound imaging techniques
  • Sensing and locating the meridians and their diagnostic zones
  • Saito hara and back diagnosis and confirmation methods
  • Use of diodes in treating structural problems
  • Diagnosing and treating most kyo and most jitsu meridians
  • Sensing and eliminating ja ki

Tuning in to Structure: The Extra Meridians and the Treatment of Pain

  • Theory of the Extra Meridians
  • How to locate and treat 'energy circles' that reflect joint problems and muscle injury
  • Focus on treatment of structural problems via the Extra Meridians
  • Treatment protocols for the Extra Meridians, with shiatsu, ion-pumping cords, and the yaki hari method

Tuning in to the Organs: Supporting the Foundation of Health

  • Theory of the Divergent Meridians and the role of organs in the maintenance of health
  • Diagnosing organ-related problems
  • How to locate and eliminate ki stagnation within the body--in organs, meridians, or areas
  • Effective organ treatments using the hand microsystem and the Bo & Yu points
  • Divergent meridian treatment methods using shiatsu, ion-pumping cords, and the yaki hari method

Shin So Shiatsu Courses in Canada and Europe

Shin So Shiatsu Courses are currently offered in these Canadian locations: Ontario (Toronto) and British Columbia (Victoria, Vancouver, Saltspring Island).

In Europe, courses are taught in Vienna, Austria; Zurich, Switzerland; and Trento, Italy.

For more details on places and times, go to Shin So Program Canada orShin So Program Europe.

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