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Shin So Shiatsu – Healing the Deeper Meridian Systems

"Tetsuro Saito has written a tremendously significant book, one that has the potential to overturn centuries of 'common sense' in Eastern medicine."
– Dr. Hideo Yoshimoto

Shin So Shiatsu – Healing the Deeper Meridian Systems contains the theoretical and practical information you will need to become proficient in the art of Shin So Shiatsu. It is portable and user friendly: designed to become a daily companion.ShinsoShiatsuFlyer_3-3_1.jpg

In Chapter 1 you will find a review of the Regular Meridian system with which you are likely most familiar. You will see in plain terms how this seemingly one-dimensional grid, as presented on contemporary TCM charts, has its own “deeper levels.”

This more detailed view of the Regular Meridians is part of that ancient body of Oriental medical theory lost to us for a time. This recovered knowledge provides a context for exciting new findings, such as those described in Chapter 2 (“New Phenomena – Energy Circles and Meridian Belt Zones”). These two energetic phenomena – detectable circles of energy located anywhere on the surface of the body, and bands of energy covering the entire body from head to toe – resolve some fundamental questions about Shizuto Masunaga’s system and play central roles in Shin So diagnosis and treatment.

Chapter 3 puts you in the driver’s seat with specific instructions for performing the Finger Test Method and sound imaging. You will practice tracing meridians, energy circles, and meridian belt zones. Chapter 4 provides you with some general rules of the road — basic principles of Shin So Shiatsu — before you receive detailed instructions for the Shin So diagnosis and treatment of the Regular, Extra, Divergent, Ocean, and Tai Kyoku (Cosmic) systems in Chapters 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10.

All of this is accompanied by the Shin So Shiatsu Practitioner’s Reference Manual, which contains your navigational aids: the finger test sensors, meridian charts, and sound images that you will need to practice Shin So Shiatsu. While you will find it helpful to gradually memorize the sensors and sound images, the meridian charts are there simply to reassure you that you are on track. There is no other way to learn than by doing. Don’t hesitate to flip the Reference Manual open and refer to it during a treatment: your patients won’t mind.

Price: $80 for both volumes together or $40 for each of Shin So Shiatsu – Healing the Deeper Meridian Systems or the Practitioner's Reference Manual. It is highly recommended these two books be purchased together. Reference Manuals purchased at Shin So Shiatsu workshops are spiral bound. Reference Manuals  purchased from Amazon are not spiral bound.

Available from:

Agio Publishing

Amazon (Amazon.ca/Amazon.com/Amazon.UK). Please be sure you are ordering the updated second edition of volumes 1 and 2. (April 2012). Search for: 1. Shin So Shiatsu: Healing the Deeper Meridian Systems, Second Edition and 2. Shin So Shiatsu: Healing the Deeper Meridian Systems – Practitioner's Reference Manual, Second Edition.

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